Rideshare & delivery roundup: NYC price increase, Uber driverless cars and more

Weekly rideshare & delivery roundup

New York rideshare to become pricier in 2019

Starting from January 1, 2019 the cost of an ordinary rideshare trip will grow by $ 2.75. It is noteworthy that pooled rides will be charged only 75 cents. The reason for such price increase is Albany lawmakers’ decision aimed at combating congestion in the busiest streets of Manhattan, or the so-called “Congestion Fee”.

Uber and Lyft have long been blamed for being the main source of congestion, so the companies had to face a new fee with dignity. The Big Apple has already suspended rideshare driver license issuance, as well as set a minimum wage for the rideshare drivers of New York. The reduced congestion fee for pooled rides, however, will surely attract more riders and lessen detrimental impact on cosmopolitan city environmental situation associated with traffic.

As far as yellow cab trips are concerned, a fee of $ 2.50 may become toxic for the industry already undermined by rideshare services introduction. At the same time, Metropolitan Transportation Authority may end up with plus $ 421 million a year. In order to control transportation funds allocation, the state included a provision allowing it to seize the congestion fee funds, if necessary.


Uber drivers’ earnings in 2018

The Ridester has published one the most large-scale independent surveys on Uber drivers’ earnings in 2018. 2,625 drivers took part in the survey and shared impressions on their income.

Survey summary:

The Ridester Uber drivers income survey
The Ridester Uber drivers income survey

Uber drivers’ best and worst income map:

The Ridester Uber drivers income map

To access the full survey tap https://www.ridester.com/2018-survey/.

Uber’s self-driving cars back on the road

Uber self-driving vehicles are back on the roads of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the first time after killing a woman in Tempe, Arizona nine months ago. Current form of testing is completely different from the previous one that turned out to be fatal. There are new constraints associated with self-driving cars operating conditions. Now they are able to travel only during daytime and when the weather is clement. They are not allowed to travel faster than 25 miles per hour. No passengers are admitted as well. Automatic braking system is left operational opposed to the notorious situation when automatic braking feature had been disabled which subsequently lead to the notorious case. Two people sit in the front seats and stay aware of the driving process.

Lyft hires Senior Director of Autonomous Safety and Compliance

Lyft is known to have hired its first Senior Director of Autonomous Safety and Compliance John Maddox. Mr. Maddox, the American Center for Mobility founder and the U.S. Department of Transportation vehicle safety research associate administrator, has dedicated his career to safety of the future of transportation.

Hiring Mr. Maddox clearly was a thought-through decision in the view of the upcoming IPO and Uber struggling to revive its self-driving vehicle testing. Another promising step in Uber vs. Lyft race.

Postmates robotic delivery

Postmates announced first ever robotic delivery. The new rover robot is supposed to deliver small objects over short distances as efficiently as other representatives of Postmates fleet. It is electric and moves at walking speed. One of the main advantages of the technology is that it has the ability to avoid congested streets and deliver faster by driving on sidewalks.

The cutie is called Serve. It can carry up to 50 lbs over 30 miles. The most controversial issue of robotic delivery is surely interaction with customers. But you shouldn’t worry about it! Serve possesses touch screen, cameras, and dynamic lighting in the eyes for such purposes.



Postmates Serve the Robot

Photo credit: Postmates

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