What’s included in Rydar 2.0 Premium

What’s included in Rydar 2.0 Premium

Rydar is free to download and use. However, there are a few additional features in Rydar that are only available to Premium users. Below, you’ll find an overview of features included in the Premium plan.

Unlimited trip detection

Mileage and expenses tracker is one of the most important Rydar features. It allows drivers to automatically log trips made for different ride-hailing and delivery services and download detailed reports ready to be filed to the IRS. The free version of Rydar allows to track 50 trips per month. Unlimited trip detection is an option available to Premium subscribers. You’ll see counter on the main screen indicating how many free trips you have left. When you use the 50 trips, you’ll be able to choose one of the subscription options.

High-demand notifications

When you open Rydar and indicate that you’re working for a particular service, you see hotspots for this service on the map. In addition to that, Rydar also sends you alerts about the best hotspot nearby and about high demand. The app scans the area around you and uses a number of factors to determine these areas with high demand. While you can scan the map for great hotspots in the free version, push notifications are only available as part of Premium.

One-click navigation

You can tap on a hotspot to view its details, the address and estimated driving time. If you decide that the spot is worth driving to, you have an option to tap the Go button and navigate to the hotspot. The app will redirect you to your favorite navigation app and will immediately show you the route to the place. Automatic navigation is also a part of Premium subscription.

Receipts storage in the cloud

It’s not enough to just enter your common operating expenses to the app. The IRS requires taxpayers to keep receipts confirming the transactions. While you can keep your receipts in an old-fashioned way, this is not the most convenient way – you can lose the box with receipts when moving to a new flat, accidentally throw them away, or your kid may destroy them while playing. Taking pictures of receipts and securely storing them in the cloud is much more effective. Your receipts will never disappear, they are neatly sorted by date and you can access them anytime from your mobile phone or PC.

Subscription costs

Premium costs $8.99 a month if paid monthly and $59.99 a year ($4.99 a month, paid yearly). Both monthly and annual plans are available after 1 week of free trial. During free trial, you can cancel subscription without any payments if you feel that you don’t need it. Premium subscription is auto-renewable, meaning that is will automatically renew at the end of the current period unless auto-renew is cancelled in Settings.

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