How to use Status control in Rydar 2.0

How to use Status control in Rydar

Rydar provides a number of useful features for drivers – hotspots, high-demand alerts, calendar of events, mileage and expenses tracker. The app is especially useful for drivers who work for more than one ridesharing and/or delivery service. While some of the features are not service-specific, others depend greatly on the selected service, i.e. whether you’re working for Uber, Lyft or Postmates right now.

Hotspots and high-demand alerts

Hotspots in Rydar are formed based on a number of factors, and historic trips for a certain service that started near the spot are one of the factors. In addition, when you indicate that you’re driving for Uber, you’ll see surge rates for all hotspots. Likewise, if you choose the Lyft status, you receive alerts about the best hotspots around you for the chosen service. Please note that the alerts are included in the Premium subscription.

Status control in Rydar Personal selected

Mileage tracker

Rydar tracks and logs all trips you make with the app depending on your status. The major difference of Rydar from other mileage tracking apps is complete automation. There’s no need to manually classify trips or add notes to specify business purpose of the trips as required by the IRS. In Rydar, you just need to select your status – Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Uber Eats – and all trips will be logged accordingly. You can easily switch between services for correct classification of trips. When you stop working, select Personal status, and all your trips will be logged as personal.

We recommend that you select a correct status every time you’re driving. This not only helps you receive detailed and accurate mileage reports for tax deduction, but also helps us analyze your driving patterns and provide you with personalized recommendations on what you need to do to increase your earnings.

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