How to use Rydar 2.0

How to use Rydar 2.0

Rydar is a complex app that combines a number of different features for ride-hailing and delivery drivers. Below you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Rydar. If you want to learn more about particular features, click the links in corresponding points:

  1. Set up the app and add all ride-hailing and delivery services you’re working for
  2. Change your status to the service you’re driving for now (e.g. Uber)
  3. View hotspots on the map, check out high-demand rates for hotspots
  4. Get an alert about the best hotspot nearby
  5. Tap on the alert to learn more detail and navigate there
  6. Change your status to another service (e.g. Lyft) if you start driving for it
  7. When you get back home, change the status back to Personal
  8. Add earnings for your “shifts” separately for different services
  9. Review your trips to make sure they are logged correctly and edit them, if necessary
  10. Add your expenses for the day
  11. Open Calendar and view events in your town
  12. If you find some events worth your attention, add them to your schedule
  13. You’ll receive a notification when the event begins

If necessary, download your mileage and expenses report any time.

Check out this video showcasing the way Rydar works:

Rydar is designed to help ride-hailing and delivery drivers work effectively, maximize their earnings and tax deductions and control finances. The app was developed to operate smoothly for different services and works perfectly well in the background. Have any questions? Feel free to drop us a line at

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