Hotspots in Rydar 2.0

Hotspots in Rydar 2.0

As soon as you change your status in Rydar 2.0 from Personal to working for one of the ridesharing or delivery services, you’ll notice a number of colored spots on the map. If you zoom in, you’ll see that they are colored bubbles indicating areas of increased demand, or hotspots.

Hotspots in Rydar zoom in
Hotspots in Rydar zoom out

How hotspots are formed

Hotspots are different for every service, so if you switch from Uber to Lyft you’ll see slightly different areas of increased demand. In Rydar, we use machine learning to form hotspots. In particular, the system analyzes the following info:

  • Surge/Prime Time rate or increased demand for the areas where surge and Prime Time are no longer shown, ranging by the rate and duration
  • Number of pick-ups that happened within the hotspot
  • Number of places nearby (places are taken from Foursquare and filtered by active hours, popularity, price tier, etc.)

The color of a hotspot is determined by its “hotness” index, calculated based on the combination of the above mentioned parameters. The “hottest” hotspots are the brightest ones:

Hotspots hotness in Rydar

Info about hotspots

Apart from the color, you can review some useful info about a hotspot if you tap on it:

  • Distance to the hotspot
  • Estimated driving time
  • Address
  • Increased demand rate
  • Places nearby.

If Uber surge and Lyft Prime Time work in your market, you’ll see these rates for all services you’ve chosen as the ones that you work for (e.g. UberX, UberBLACK, Lyft, Lyft Line).

Hotspots in Rydar Lyft hotspot

If you work in one of the markets where Uber and Lyft are testing a new system of guaranteed bonuses for a ride and no longer show surge / Prime Time rates, you’ll still see the indication of increased demand for hotspots. We calculate it using the rider APIs and it reflects the price increase passengers see in their app. There are 3 tiers of price increase: increased demand, high demand and extreme demand. The 3 tiers are illustrated by “flame” icons – one, two and three flames accordingly.

High-demand alerts

When you look at the map, it may be difficult to identify the best hotspot to drive at the moment. To help you, we’re scanning the area within the radius you choose in Settings, determine the best hotspots based on their hotness, increased demand rates and driving time and send you the alert.

High-demand alert Uber
High-demand alert best hotspot

The alert contains info about estimated time it will take to drive to the hotspot and the increased demand rate – Surge / Prime Time or estimated demand increase. If we find a better hotspot or the hotspot expires, we’ll update the alert. You can tap on the alert to see detailed info about the hotspot and to navigate there.

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