Dashboard in Rydar 2.0

Dashboard in Rydar 2.0

One of the things that makes Rydar a truly powerful assistant for drivers is the ability to show detailed stats and analysis of their work. The main source of this valuable information is Dashboard in the app.


In Dashboard, you can set the period of time you’re interested in to view detailed stats – week, month, year or a custom period. After you select it, you’ll see your total earnings for this period of time, total earnings and hourly rates by services, graphs that indicate how your earnings are distributed by periods of time, e.g hours, days or weeks. In Dashboard, you can also view your total mileage driven for business and personal purposes with percentage of each of them, amounts of vehicle-related and business expenses and your total deductions. Here you can easily add missing info – trips, expenses or earnings – by tapping the “+” sign. If you tap on the arrow next to the title Dashboard, you’ll be able to separately view your Earnings, Trips and Expenses. 

Dashboard in Rydar 2.0
Earnings in Rydar 2.0


In the Earnings tab, you can review all earnings you’ve added for different periods of time. Each time you add earnings, e.g. after driving for a few hours, we remember it and add as a separate sum, so you can see earnings for a particular service added a few times per day. If after reviewing your earnings for some period of time you see that you missed some, you can add missing earnings by tapping the “+” button on the screen. This is also useful when passengers tip you after the trip is over – you can add tips later to get the full picture of how much you’ve earned.


When you go to the Trips tab, you can see the list of all trips you’ve made. You can select a timeframe to view trips taken within a selected period, can reclassify trips if you forgot to change your status on time, e.g. when your Uber trip was logged as a Lyft trip. In addition, you can manually add missing trips in case if you forgot to use the app. While this is a rare case, you can still do it manually, add all necessary info and the trip will appear on the list of trips.

Trips in Rydar 2.0
Expenses in Rydar 2.0


The Expenses section contains the list of all expenses you’ve added with a breakdown by days. You can scroll to check if you’ve added all expenses that you’ve incurred. If you find that something is missing, add a new expense right from that tab: tap the “+” button, select a type of expense – business or vehicle – or just add one of the expenses you’ve added recently. In addition to the info you need to add according to the IRS guidelines – date, time, amount, business purpose – you can set Rydar to repeat expenses every day, week or month if necessary, and take pictures of receipts to store them in the cloud.

The info from dashboard is used in mileage and expenses report to be filed to the IRS. Based on this info, Rydar analyzes your driving patterns and can send you useful tips on how you can optimize your driving and increase earnings.

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