Calendar in Rydar 2.0

Calendar in Rydar 2.0

Having a big event going on in your city is usually associated with high demand for ride-hailing cars. Remember that last time when Beyoncé was performing in your city? Right, this is what we mean. However, some smaller local events can generate stable demand too. In Rydar, we’ve developed an easy and effective way to stay up-to-date with the events in your area that can be interesting for you as a driver.

Info about events

In Calendar, you can view upcoming events in your city or town for the next 30 days. The events fall under the following categories: concerts, sports events, festivals and theatrical performances. When you see an event that catches your eye, you can tap on it to view detailed info: name of the event, venue, the address of the venue, date and time when it starts and approximate time when it’s supposed to end.

Calendar in Rydar events list
Calendar in Rydar event details


To make sure you’ll benefit from popular events we’ve added an option to add the most interesting gigs to your personal schedule. Tap on the bell icon on the list of events or in the detailed view of a particular event, and it will be added to your schedule. You can then open the Schedule tab to review it and will receive push notification when the event is about to start. Please note that upcoming events have black icons, then, when they become active, the icons turn red and you receive an alert. You can navigate to the event from Rydar – you’ll be redirected to a navigation app with a tap of a button.

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