Lyft Rewards vs. Uber Rewards

Lyft Rewards vs. Uber Rewards

Just a couple of weeks ago we covered “Uber’s Ride Pass vs. Lyft’s All-Access Plan” topic and now we can’t afford missing out on continuation of the endless race, namely Lyft and Uber Reward programs. Fortunately, this is not only about naming diversity, but also about a new step towards customers’ satisfaction. It is also notable that both programs are the first ones in the history of respective services to grant benefits for every ride no matter where and no matter what.

Lyft’s Move

On November 12 Lyft announced Lyft Rewards that presupposes earning points for every spent dollar. Accumulated points will either let passengers make more discounted/free rides, or upgrade to Lyft Lux. The company didn’t dwell on other advantages of the program, however stated that it was ready to gather feedback from customers and subsequently unlock other features, for instance, choice between highest-rated drivers, etc. Lyft Rewards will be available in December 2018 with future expansion into 2019.

Uber’s Move

Two days later Uber was there to announce and introduce Uber Rewards, which sounds like a step ahead of Lyft already (the program is currently deployed in Miami, New Jersey, Denver, Tampa, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Diego). Moreover, the program is quite a thought-through one. It seems like Uber has implemented a lot of customer suggestions and a big deal here is that it won’t affect drivers by any means. At least Uber stated so.

Uber Rewards is free to sign up for. It represents four membership tiers (blue, gold, platinum, and diamond) and provides rider’s progress in the app. Points get collected within a six-month earning period which results in unlocking rewards corresponding to a particular tier. The reached membership tier is available for the rest of the above mentioned period, as well as for the upcoming six months. You may see the benefits of each and every tier below.

“Once you earn 500 points, you’ll advance from Blue to Gold. At 2,500 points you’ll advance to Platinum. And at 7,500 points, you’ll advance to Diamond,” stated Uber.

Most intriguing novelties are the following:

  • Cancellation of an Uber trip within 15 minutes plus refunded cancellation fee;
  • 24/7 support across Uber and Uber Eats;
  • Free upgrades to premium products, for instance, Uber Black;
  • Highest-rated drivers selection.

The program is planned to be deployed nationwide within several upcoming months. It will be also extended to scooters and bikes very soon.

Riders and drivers are always the ones to decide who deserves the crown in this game of thrones. The only thing Rydar team would like to wish both parties is achieving success in brining best experience to their contractors and customers.

Image credit: Uber

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