Things to stop doing in a rideshare driver’s car

Things to stop doing in a rideshare driver’s car

Once Rydar team reflected on how to make a rider tip, and it turned out that a great deal here really depends on a driver’s performance. However, it takes two to tango. Which leads us to ruminating on the things that in a perfect world should be totally controlled by riders.

Why should a rider obey rules?

There is a thing called “Uber Fees” that was created, among other things, to protect drivers from irresponsible riders’ behaviour. It includes:

  • Cancellation fee: roughly $5 in case a rider cancels 2 minutes after requesting a ride, or in case it takes 5+ minutes for a rider to come out to a driver (fee amount depends on Uber car type as well);
  • Cleaning fee: $20–$150 for making a mess in a driver’s vehicle;

$0 – Not a significant mess. Cleaned or wiped up quickly and easily. Includes water spills.

$20 – Small interior mess that requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (minor food or beverage spills, dirt).

$40 – Moderate mess on vehicle’s exterior (food or beverage mess).

$80 – Moderate interior mess (larger food or beverage spills on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces, minor bodily fluid messes).

$150 – Major mess that requires cleaning between the window and door or air vents (major bodily fluid messes).

Uber driver is eligible to submit photos verifying the damage incurred, a respective amount will be subsequently withdrawn from a rider’s account for this reason.

  • Wait time fee: if it takes longer than 2 minutes for a rider to reach a driver’s vehicle (calculated according to an established algorithm).

For a majority of riders it is still crucially important to simply preserve good image in front of other people.

What to avoid?

A driver has the right to politely ask a rider not to eat, smoke or vape in his/her car. What concerns drinking, if it is not an alcoholic drink, we suggest leaving a rider alone with this, especially if we are talking about plain water. Of course, it is up to any driver to decide whether he/she is ready to handle riders’ eating, smoking or vaping situation in his/her car. However, one should bear in mind that eating may cause mess (vaping sometimes causes leakage of fluid), while smoking may end up in burnt upholstery, as well as unpleasant scent. The above mentioned may result in wasting a great number of working and leisure hours, as well as rider’s money and driver’s nerve cells, or simply spoil plans and mood for the whole day to come.

A driver has the right to suspend or cancel a ride in case of any illicit actions taking place in his/her car, namely those associated with violence, hostility, drugs, alcohol, sexual intercourse, and kids unattended. Again, every driver’s preferences can’t be taken in particular, but safety has always been and will be of the utmost importance to any rideshare company. Drivers shall bear in mind that children can’t be transported without adults and respective seats. If one is not against driving passengers under intoxication and wishes to gain some money driving Friday/Saturday night, he/she should buy a sufficient amount of vomit bags and wipes to avoid possible mess. One should also bear in mind that a ridesharing driver’s car is not a place for sex, drugs and violence. It is always better to end a ride than to spend a night at the police office reporting an unpleasant case.

A driver has no reason to wait for a passenger for more than 5 minutes without getting any notice from him/her, especially if we are talking about cosmopolitan cities where there may be no parking spaces available or waiting process hinders traffic. So, no offense for cancellation.

We at Rydar pin hopes on the fact that both drivers and riders will be always trying to find a compromise and act reasonably in any situation. Stay safe on the road you guys!

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