Uber drivers to get more benefits and free university studies

Drivers to get more benefits and free university studies

Uber has recently launched Pro program that presupposes a range of benefits, as well as free online tuition at Arizona State University for high-performing drivers and their closest relatives.

Uber Pro summary

Currently deployed for 100% of drivers in Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago and Phoenix, as well as for 50% of drivers in Denver, Orlando, Tampa, and the state of New Jersey.

Drivers divided into 4 tiers:

  • Partner;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Diamond.

N.B. Driver tiers are displayed from the starting to the highest level of performance. You may see your status in your profile under the photo if your area is the Uber Pro area of expertise.

Rewards provided as per tier:

Image credit: Uber

N.B. Gas discount is applicable for any gas at any gas station if a purchase is performed by Uber Visa Debit Card.

The most intriguing benefits revealed for Platinum and Diamond (more that 3000 trips):

  • The possibility to see duration and direction for all trips, which results in making more profitable rides.
  • Free online tuition at Arizona State University. As Uber mentioned, all eligible drivers have the option to transfer tuition coverage to their spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling, parent, legal guardian or dependent. They can choose from 80+ undergraduate degrees, eight different English language courses tailored to their skill level, or get certified in entrepreneurship.

Stuff to be achieved:

In order to receive perks, drivers have to boast a 4.85 star rating and a 4% or less cancellation rate. Drivers will be earning points within 3-month periods. The purpose of such points is to unlock the next status plus respective perks. Every Uber trip will give a driver points therefor.

Possible pitfalls awaited:

According to Uber drivers’ hands-on experience, it is complicated to keep cancelation rate below 4 % in cosmopolitan cities. Various problems forcing drivers to cancel occur every day. Among them we may observe the following issues:

  • Traffic (jams; no parking; no possibilities to pick up a passenger without impeding flow; etc.);
  • Corporate (passenger can not pop up, because he/she gets unexpectedly forced to stay at the office/meeting/negotiations/conference);
  • Leisure (passengers hanging out in bars, clubs, etc., often under intoxication).
  • Sheer irresponsibility (passengers who suppose that a driver is entitled to wait for them beyond 5 minutes without having any notice thereof from such passengers).

As Uber Pro is scheduled to be deployed nationwide very soon, we wish rideshare drivers not to lose their chance. Carpe diem you guys!


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