Ways for rideshare drivers to profit on holidays

Ways for rideshare drivers to profit on holidays

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that we at Rydar are ready to outline the main points for drivers to benefit from an extreme-demand situation in the course of the world’s scariest night and within the most lucrative quarter of the year as a whole.

According to hands-on drivers’ experience, Halloween and New Year’s eve are considered to be the craziest time in terms of rideshare demand. Be ready to watch up to 10x surge popping up in some areas and earn decent money. However, for some drivers it is crucial to stay with their friends and family to celebrate, which is certainly worthy as well. Especially taking into consideration some downsides of the festive time.

Here are the things one has to do when planning his\her holiday rides:

  • Juxtapose the necessity of being present at home and that of getting profit you are willing to get;
  • Assess your readiness to face passengers in various states and moods, e.g. sober and drunk, depressed and uplifting, peaceful and aggressive, etc.;
  • Think of the time and areas for safer driving in advance, e.g. when and where kids are not allowed to walk in the street without adults by their side;
  • Consider time and location of the most frequently occurring traffic jams and don’t include such spots in your holiday routes when taking short rides;
  • Use Rydar Calendar to track the most popular events and get notified of their commencement and termination in advance;
  • Try to find a perfect balance having taken above mentioned points into consideration.

It is truly essential to plan such occasions, since planning will give you a unique opportunity to both have fun and earn some good money without removing puke from your car or getting into trouble on the road.

Also don’t forget that the day after celebrations is also a nice ride-sharing day, e.g. January 1. On this day most people tend to drive home after leaving friends, because it is physically difficult for them to go home tipsy in the middle of the party. So why not kill two birds with one stone and indulge in high surges greeting them with strength regained.

Feel free to carefully plan the following days as well:

  • Thanksgiving;
  • Black Friday;
  • Superbowl;
  • St. Valentine’s Day;
  • St. Patrick’s Day;
  • July 4.

We at Rydar wish all the rideshare drivers having fun and earning their best on the upcoming holiday. Smooth Halloween trips to you guys!

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