Why riders don’t tip and how to change that

Why riders don’t tip and how to change that

There are lots of controversies on ride-hailing service drivers’ issues, e.g. classification, social benefits, minimum wages, insurance, etc. We at Rydar think that one really important issue gets frequently and unfortunately overlooked and understated, namely tipping.

Quite a few ride-sharing services provide riders with a tipping option, however there is always an opportunity for a rider to neglect it. According to drivers’ experience, roughly one-third of the passengers tip. There is often a room for rumination on whether a rider should ever tip since ride-sharing trips are usually nonrecurrent. A driver in such situation is someone whom a rider probably won’t see ever again. Stop for a moment to think of a favourite barber or bartender of yours, and you will immediately feel the difference. However, we are still talking here about service provision. Assuming that all things are equal, such nonrecurrent services shall also be rendered in a proper manner, hence fairly paid. So how should drivers act to make their riders tip?

How to hack the no-tips system of on-demand ride-hailing economy

Firstly, drivers should put themselves in the riders’ shoes in order to figure out what drives passengers crazy and causes them sheer discomfort. This way drivers could be able to eliminate naughty aspects of a ride and only then start creating a comfy atmosphere for their clients. There are probably lots of things that could make a trip leave much to be desired. While a great number of them concern personal preferences, most of them are the same for almost any rider:

  • Nobody really wishes to talk to a complete stranger, especially about personal stuff;
  • Nobody wants to get into a vehicle that is a mess;
  • Nobody likes when loud tasteless music tortures stereo-system;
  • Nobody enjoys a dangerous ride, especially when a person is not in a hurry;
  • Nobody feels comfortable when it’s either too hot, or too cold in a vehicle;
  • Nobody expects their requests to be neglected or simply being treated badly when paying for service provision.

Those things are essential to any ride. Only having taken the above listed points into consideration, a driver may think of some extras to pamper their passengers, e.g. snacks, beverages, fruits, phone chargers, beauty products, cards, flowers, etc. Again, here a driver should also think of what can set a good mood for the whole day to come and don’t forget to stay polite and be ready to help when he or she is asked for assistance.

To sum it all up, one can not control everything since there are always people not willing to pay. However, it is up to every single driver to make a trip impeccable, thus getting the highest possible rating. So it’s a win-win situation anyway. Rydar team hope that having improved drivers’ performance, tipping statistics will surely change for the best.

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