Unpleasant passengers and how to deal with them

How to deal with drunk passengers

Your main duty as a driver is to take passengers from place A to place B safe and sound. Dealing with different types of riders is your daily part of the job. But sometimes, at the end of the day, you’ll get irritated by some exceptional and annoying kind of clients. How to stay calm and keep your nerves safe while driving with them on board?

The cartographers

One of the most irritating types of a passengers is the backseat driver: always silent with the phone in their hands. It’s good if they are checking their friends on Instagram or looking at some memes on Twitter. But you’ll definitely will notice if they are looking at the map comparing the way you are driving with the Uber’s map and want to tell you that you are going the wrong way. Just because they know the “right” way.

The very first step in every kind of situation – don’t get angry. In this particular case, try to explain the passenger that you are an experienced driver and you know all the ropes in the city. Tell them that you know the shortest way to the destination, except for that one that Uber suggested. Politely ask them not to be worry and assure them that they are in the safe hands.

The drunk

You should be always prepared to drive a drunk rider. You can’t predict when it happened, only if you call is not from a local bar at Friday night. But when that type of passenger gets into your car, you can decide if you want to take them to their destination or not, because Uber allows you to cancel the ride if the passenger is drunk.

For those types of passengers you will need a bit of equipment: dash cams and vomit bags. Dash cams may help you in case if a passenger begins to be aggressive. Vomit bags will save your vehicle interior. Also, if you see that your drunk rider is drinking alcohol or using drugs, you can first notify them about Uber rules and community guidelines, and if they keep behaving inadequately, cancel the ride and report them to Uber. As we mentioned above, you’ll never know if your next passenger is drunk. But Uber is trying to deal with this.

The heavy eaters

A lot of people are in a rush and don’t have time to have a snack at home, so they are trying to eat inside your vehicle. This can lead to interior contamination: greasy traces and spilled drinks on the upholstery of seats.

When they get into your car, don’t wait that they ask if they can eat in your car. Don’t forget to make sure that that sauce on their hands will not end on your seats. We recommend you to have an extra napkin for them. Gently tell them that they need to keep their food in the box or bag during the ride.

Sometimes passengers can ask you to make a pit stop. First of all remember that you are getting paid for miles, not for the time of the ride. So it’s up to you to go to the drive-thru, or to politely refuse. Some passengers can offer you a generous tip if you stop there. If so, the stop may be worth it.

Every passenger is different and needs a personal attitude. Be polite and try to start a conversation to make the ride more comfortable for both of you. Don’t forget that you can rate passengers if they did something wrong in relation to you or your car.

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