3 new tools that will make Uber pickups much easier

When you are on the road to pickup your passenger, all the information you have is their name, address and a pin on the map. Is this information enough to quickly find your passenger? Definitely no. Uber is trying to make pickups experience easier for both drivers and riders by rolling out three new features.


When you are driving to meet your passenger, few things are displayed on their phone: your name, license plate, car model, and your phone number. But what if it’s a crowded street with a lot of cars? Or it’s dark so you can’t see one another? Spotlight may help in this situation. With it, riders can light up their screens with a specific colour, yellow, for example. Then, yellow sign will appear in your driver app, so you can distinguish your passenger from other people, if she or he holds their phone in the air or turns the screen to face the road.

In 2016 Uber began to use another tool that also uses colour to make the pickup experience much easier: the Beacon. It’s an plastic device that looks like Uber logo, connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and lights up with the colour you choose. Using it makes easier for your rider to identify their driver among other drivers.

Pickup messages

For those who don’t like the Spotlight tool, Uber simplified the way messages work. Now riders can send you an extra tip “I’m wearing a red jacket” or choose from the list of prepared messages like “Be right there” with a single tap. Uber also thought about drivers’ safety. Now, when you receive a pickup message, they are read aloud, so you won’t get distracted from the road. You can respond with one tap with pre-populated answers.

On-time scheduled pickups

This feature is useful for riders, but you should also know about it. From 2016 passengers have an option to book a ride for the future, to go to the airport, for example. But now Uber guarantees that the ride will be on time that rider scheduled, if not, Uber will give a rider a 10$ credit for their next ride.

Actually, it was Uber’s headache for years whether to allow passengers schedule their rides or not, because that could potentially contradict the idea of an on-demand ridesharing service. But in 2016, Uber added this option to the rider app.

Uber is always trying to add new features to the app and make ridesharing process more comfortable for both riders and drivers. What do you think about the improved pickup messages and the Spotlight? Will they help you to distinguish your passenger from other people?

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