How not to pick up a wrong passenger?

Imagine the situation: you’re waiting for your passenger; he or she gets into your car saying hello and asking to change the final destination, because their phone is dead; and here you start the ride. Seems strange, doesn’t it? Yes, a wrong rider may enter your vehicle by mistake. What to do in this case and how to protect yourself?

What Uber says

Uber provides the following guide in case if a wrong rider took a trip with you: “To make sure you pick up the right person every time, we recommend confirming your rider’s name before starting a trip. Your app displays the rider’s name once you have accepted their request, and the rider can see your name, photo, car type, and license plate number.” But is it enough to confirm your rider’s name before starting a trip? Drivers don’t think so.


By telling the name of the real customer to the “fake passenger” you’ll most likely get a reply “Yes, it’s me.” One of many tips on the forums is “Don’t say their name next time. Ask.” It may seem obvious, but drivers are still limited to just confirming the name of a rider. You can also ask them what your name is. They can see it in the app. It’s exceptionally unlikely that they will be able to come up with your name if they didn’t order the ride. That’s another type of protection.

Destination, photo check

If the answer to the question “What’s your name?” is correct, ask another simple question – “Where are you going to?” If the rider can’t answer this simple question, they may be lying to you. Try to look at the rider’s profile photo (if there is one) and compare with the person in your car. But sometimes, there are passengers who call for an Uber or Lyft for another person and usually the rider may say “my friend ordered the ride for me.”

Make a call

If you are still not sure if this is your rider, don’t hesitate to call them. You can do that through the app. If their phone is not ringing – you are not their Uber driver, especially if someone who is not in your car answers the phone and says “I’ll be right there.” Gently tell the other rider to leave your car.

Make sure you’ve followed the steps above to protect yourself from scammers or riders trying to get in your car by mistake. But if you completed the trip with the wrong rider in your vehicle, Uber wants you to notify them and they’ll sort it out.

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