Top conversation topics for a good chat with riders

Have you ever been in a situation when the conversation with a passenger failed from the very beginning and everyone’s mood got down? And certainly you are familiar with the awkward silence during the trip…

With this in mind, we’d like to offer you a few conversation topics we believe will work in most conversations with your passengers so you not only enjoy the ride, but also have a high chance of getting 5 stars and a tip!

How to begin?

The most difficult thing is to start a conversation. You have two options: to greet a passenger as soon as they get into the car or to compliment them. If a person keeps the ball rolling – you are on the right way.

It’s cool, isn’t it?

Most often, weather is the initial topic for conversation. And during a conversation about the weather with a passenger you can come to interesting conclusions: “Rain often affects negatively not only our mood, but also your shoes.”

By the way, if you accompany a passenger when it rains always have an umbrella in the car. If you keep an umbrella, you can usher the passenger into the building after the trip – 5 stars will be yours.

Pop or country?

Many drivers recommends that you have an AUX cable in the car so you can offer it to Did you ever sit with passengers in silence?passengers for them to turn on and listen to their music. But you can not only listen to it – it will be a perfect topic to discuss. To do this, you need to know enough genres and performers. Or at least know what’s trending now. If possible, don’t be afraid to experiment with Spotify playlists like this guy. If you get stuck in the conversation – silence will be uncomfortable not only to you, but also to your passenger.

What’s new in NBA and NHL?

In the U.S. sport has always occupied one of the leading positions in the interests of people. Baseball, basketball, hockey and the growing popularity of soccer – good topics because almost every American cheers for some team. How the Yankees played and who won against Chicago Bulls – this information should be the minimum of your arsenal for the trip. We recommend that you not argue about favorite teams with the passenger, because if your tastes don’t match, a trip can become tense and it’s unlikely that you will get 5 stars from the fan of another team.

I was at the Grand Canyon and in the park near your house

It’s also a good idea to ask you passenger in which countries they’ve been. In fact, a trip on Uber is a small travel. Share your stories, because sometimes there is really something to tell even if you were only in the park near your house. You can ask your passengers where they went and what surprised them there.

Pizza or taco?

We are sure that you often pick up people from restaurants and food courts. Food is a wonderful topic for such trips, because people like to discuss what they eat. Food brings happiness in our lives more than anything else! You can ask for advice about places, exotic dishes and delicious drinks.

What happens in the world?

Learn what is happening in the world now and try to ask your passengers what they are thinking about the recent incidents. Have a few fresh stories with you to shake the conversation.

Important to remember

Try to remember which topics worked well with your passengers. Go back to these “victorious” ways from time to time. Remember which topics didn’t please passengers or made them feel uncomfortable. Don’t use them.

Know what to avoid

Follow the rule: never talk about religion, politics, money, relationships, family problems, health problems with people you don’t know well. You can accidentally offend them, so stay away from such topics.

There are also passengers who just want to get from point A to point B. Ask the general things: is it hot or cold for them in the car, what music they prefer. The main thing is to remain yourself with any passenger, then your rides will be enjoyable for everyone.

What are you talking about with your passengers? Share your favorite conversation topics in the comments below.

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