How to stay awake when you are driving for Uber at night

How to stay awake when you are driving for Uber at night

In a perfect world, all drivers have a good night’s sleep and feel full of energy all the time they’re driving. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world, and all of you know without a doubt how it feels when you are sleepy and have to drive, especially at night. We’ve selected a few natural ways that would keep you awake without damaging your health.

Sip water

Not drinking enough still water can cause dehydration, which in turn results in fatigue. In addition, when you take a bottle, uncap it and drink, you have to make an effort and stay occupied.

Chew a gum

This is also a popular trick among drivers. Chewing makes you feel more alert. Though this is a temporary solution as you cannot be possibly chewing a gum for the whole night.

Regulate temperature

You may quickly feel drowsy if it’s too warm in the car even if you’ve had enough sleep at night. Make sure it’s fresh inside, and you will feel more energized and less likely to doze.


When you have short breaks between trips, use them for mild exercise – walk for a few minutes, run in place or jump. This will help your body to wake up and will make you breathe fresh air, which is also useful when you feel tired.

Give your eyes a break

When you drive at night, your eyes are constantly strained, which may worsen your fatigue. Take a minute to close your eyes and sit like that for a minute or do some basic eye exercises.

Have a snack

You can quickly boost your energy level by eating a banana, a toast with peanut butter or any other healthy snack. Please note that sweet chocolate bars or chips will do otherwise – after a short peak when your sugar level rises, you’ll have even less energy than before.

Turn on music

Choose some energetic and lively beats – anything that makes you listen and maybe even sing along (when there are no passengers in the car of course). If you like listening to podcasts or radio shows that hold your attention, do that.

Engage in a conversation

Most of the above mentioned tips are for breaks between rides. When you’re with a passenger, the easiest way to stay alert is to engage in a light conversation. Thus, you’ll have to keep your eyes on the road and carry on the conversation at the same time.

How to avoid sleepiness

Try to have 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If you cannot fall asleep, check if you need to change your habits: sleep environment, food, coffee consumption, etc. Try to limit caffeine that you drink throughout the day and avoid energy drinks, especially at night and in the evening.

If nothing helps, just consider that your work day is over, drive home and go to bed. It’s much wiser than putting your and your passengers’ lives to danger. Try to do your best to have a good rest and healthy sleep and read out tips on how to stay healthy when you’re driving for Uber.

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