Driving for POOL? Here’s what you need to know.

Driving for POOL? Here’s what you need to know.

UberPOOL is getting more and more popular among riders. At the same time, it requires that drivers show exceptional professionalism. Otherwise, driver-partners may receive low ratings and have a bad driving experience in general. A few tips below will help you successfully manage POOL trips, stay calm and enjoy your driving.


While you have different options when it comes to navigation in Uber Driver app, you need to stick to in-app navigation driving for POOL. Waze and Google Maps do support POOL too, but in-app navigation ensures that you don’t need to switch in and out of the driver app when drop-off order changes. What’s more, Uber is already testing smarter navigation for POOL in Manhattan. Hopefully, if the system works smoothly, we’ll soon be able to use it across the country.

Call riders

Fast and effective POOL experience is impossible without quick pick-ups and drop-offs. Lots of drivers recommend that you call your passenger as soon as you arrive at the pick-up spot. If they don’t show up, you can cancel the trip after 2 minutes and make sure that other riders make it to their destinations in time.

Explain how it works

Not all riders may be aware that they requested UberPOOL. They may just tap the button and expect their usual UberX to arrive. Instead, they drive to pick up other people. You can politely make sure that passengers know this is UberPOOL and you are going to pick up more people. This will make the trip much more enjoyable both for you and for riders.

Keep riders updated

As the route can change during the trip, passengers have the right to know what’s going on. A short update “We’re going to stop to pick up another passenger” is enough. However, it’s a polite way to keep people updated.

Introduce riders to each other

If you are not a fan of awkward silence in the car, introducing riders to each other may be helpful. It feels much better when you know at least anything about a person with whom you share such small space.

Engage in light conversation

It’s not something obligatory, and you know that a lot of riders prefer to keep silence looking into their smartphones. However, when people request UberPOOL, they know that the trip will be shared and are more willing to chat. Besides, a conversation is much easier and more interesting when there are more than 2 people in the car. As this is your car and you’re behind the wheel, make sure that the conversation is light and doesn’t touch on any sensitive topics.

Some drivers don’t really like giving POOL rides, but following these simple rules can eliminate most difficulties associated with driving for UberPOOL. Again, we’re all people, and being nice to each other makes any kind of work more enjoyable. With the latest tweaks in drop-off system and adding in-app tipping, UberPOOL trips are getting more convenient and profitable for drivers.

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