Uber allows users request rides for their loved ones

Uber riders can now request rides for their loved ones

Uber announced a new feature added to the passenger app that allows account holders to arrange a ride for someone else.

Passengers used to hail a car for their parents and grandparents all the time, but now the process has been simplified. An account holder can select a ride for anyone from their phone contacts, set their destination and pick-up location different from their own.

Uber users can now request rides for their loved ones

A driver will receive a passenger’s name and phone number and will be able to contact them directly. At the same time, riders will get a text message with the driver’s name, car details and a link to follow a driver’s route. A person requesting Uber will be paying for the trip.

“We’re committed to providing safe, reliable transportation options for everyone in the family. So no matter where your loved ones need to be – and where you are located – a safe, reliable ride is just a few taps away,” Uber Product Manager Kyle Miller wrote in a blog post.

The new feature rolls out in the U.S. and 30 more countries today, other markets will receive it soon. It can come in handy for elderly family members, friends, riders’ foreign guests and even people who don’t have smartphones.

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