Peculiarities of transporting kids at Uber

Peculiarities of transporting kids at Uber

The general rule for all rideshare companies is simple – a person creating an account must be at least 18 years old. Kids under 18 must be accompanied by an account holder. But when it comes to reality, drivers can appear in different unpleasant situations. Kids often create accounts without abiding to the Terms of Use, and don’t even know that they should not to. We decided to study the question to provide you with some tips on transporting minors.

Car seat

Lots of parents use Uber to ride with infants and small kids. In this case, kids need to be transported in a car seat. If parents do not have a car seat with them and you don’t have it in your car, it’s basically your decision whether to give them a ride or not. However, a lot of drivers prefer to cancel a ride if they see a passenger with a small kid without a car seat or a booster. In New York, Philadelphia, DC and some other cities, parents or guardians can select an Uber Car Seat option to order an UberX with a car seat installed.


It’s not always clear whether a teenager is 19 or 16, and it’s not a driver’s task to check their riders’ IDs. In some cities parents can create accounts for kids aged 13-17 connected with their Family Profile. In this case teens can drive unaccompanied. So far, teen accounts are piloting in Seattle, Phoenix, and Columbus and drivers are paid extra $2 for every teen trip. 


Drivers are not required to check riders’ IDs. If a teen managed to create an account, it will be difficult for you to tell if they are 16 or 19. Generally, we assume that all riders are over 18. When it comes to transporting infants without car seats – that’s up to you, but we wouldn’t recommend that. If you choose not to transport kids without a car seat or booster, you need to politely explain that to parents, let them know their options and cancel the ride. In addition, make sure to check laws in your state regarding car safety and transporting children.

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