Uber allows editing pick-up locations and improves driver support

Uber allows editing pick-up locations and improves driver support

Uber released the improvements to the rider and driver apps that were announced during the press-call last week. Riders in the US, UK and Canada who use the iOS app already have the ability to edit their pick-up location.

There have been numerous attempts by Uber to improve pick-ups. This latest improvement allows riders to correct their location if they entered it mistakenly even when a driver is already on the way. The drivers will be able to adjust their route accordingly, both if they use in-app navigation or a third-party navigation app. However, riders won’t be able to choose a completely different location, only to adjust it.

According to Uber’s Ryan Yu and Rachel Holt, the new feature had been tested in a few cities and led to reduced number of cancellations and less stress for drivers. “These tweaks are designed to save time, frustration and money by giving our customers more control and flexibility to solve for those moments when things don’t go exactly as planned,” Yu and Holt said in a blog post

In addition to pick-up corrections, Uber announced modifications of the support policy. For example when dealing with rider complaints, the company will no longer take “one-size-fits all approach,” but rather will look at each case individually, taking into account driver’s amount of trips and history.

“Many drivers have told us that some of our support policies feel stacked against them and seem to put riders’ interests above theirs. In response to that feedback, we’ve begun to make updates to customer support policies in the US and Canada that give drivers more of a say on concerns and complaints that affect their bottom line,” Ryan Yu and Rachel Holt wrote in the blog.

Changes will also be made to the wrong driver and wrong rider reports. Uber will now use technology to deal with such complaints and will not solely rely on rider’s words. For example, Real Time ID will allow to reduce the time of suspension and make driver get back to work as quickly as possible.

Drivers will now have an opportunity to say a word in fare adjustments if a rider accidentally cancels a trip early when they are still on the way to destination. Earlier, the drivers were paid for the trip up to the point of cancellation. Now they have a chance to dispute the fare adjustment and get compensated for a full ride.

According to Uber, these changes are just the beginning, and an entire team is working at reviewing policies and making changes for the better. Looks like the updates are to be released in the coming months to improve experience for both riders and drivers.

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