How to stay healthy when you drive for Uber

How to stay healthy when you drive for Uber

Sitting in a car for hours every day can have a devastating effect on your body. Add here stress from dealing with difficult passengers or road incidents, and you’ll realize how potentially harmful this job is. We’ve prepared a list of tips that would help you minimize a negative effect of lengthy driving on your health and stay in a good form. The tips are not super specific, they can be as well applied to any sedentary job. Unfortunately they are often neglected.

Stay hydrated

While carrying bottles of water for passengers, don’t forget about yourself. Always keep fresh water in the car and drink regularly. Opt for usual drinking water, not soda or juice and try not to overindulge in caffeine. If you drink coffee, make sure to increase your water intake accordingly. If you don’t drink much water because you don’t want to drive a few extra miles to find a bathroom, take into consideration a long list of health issues you can develop and you’ll see what’s more important.

Healthy snacks

When you spend so much time behind the wheel, it gets tempting to have unhealthy snacks. Fast food and drive-throughs seem to be everywhere. Not only it’s convenient, but it saves so much time. However, eating processed food with a high level of added sugar can lead to quick weight gain and a range of diseases. Take healthy lunches with you instead – vegetable and fruit salads, nuts, greek yogurt, sandwich with chicken or turkey. Not only are they more nutritious, but you’ll also feel more active and will not get hungry for a longer period of time.

Walking and stretching

Sitting for hours is dangerous. You may soon start feeling aches and pains in the whole body. Use every possible moment to get out of the car and take a short walk. Don’t forget to stretch – it will relieve muscle stress and make you feel better in general. Set your mobile phone to send you notifications every hour so that you don’t forget to move regularly. Also, when you are not working, try to walk more – walk to the grocery shop instead of driving for example.


Short walks during the day are useful, but they won’t help you keep your muscles toned. Try to take 2-3 sessions of active physical activity per week. Choose what you enjoy – running, weight training, yoga, pilates, etc.


Doctors recommend that all people have 7-8 hours of sleep every day. For drivers, this is crucial. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can put yourself and your passengers at risk. Driving at night creates a problem too. However, make it a rule to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Remember, your health is your top priority and obligation. It’s very easy to put every effort into driving as many hours as possible and earning as much money as possible, but you should never forget about yourself. In the end, this is your body that allows you to work and earn, so take a good care of it.

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